lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

Naturally! Earrings

Once upon a time there were two howlite pears, dyed lively shades of turquoise, sleeping in a beader's box and dreaming of a charming metal wire which would come to wrap them in a warm hug.
But the beader was in lack of inspiration, so her imagination wasn't able to reach the perfect wire and a unique way to let the beautiful pears shine...

... until I read the theme Beadaholique chose for January 2013 contest: "January Gems", and I started thinking about a piece featuring my sleeping pears...

And "Naturally! Earrings" were born! As natural as my favorite beading elements when I feel free to create: 1) earrings (of course, my jewelry absolute love); 2) turquoise (I love it and it's a must in different shapes for me); 3) metal (it just lets my creativity run wild and free!); 4) asymmetry (to complete my own style).

Howlite beads have been combined with Vintaj metal elements, as I wanted to enhance these dramatic pears without making my earrings too heavy (both in weight and in design).
The pears have been wrapped with natural brass wire 24 gauge (spirals are asymmetrical); they are connected to two-layer flowers (natural brass eight and six petals), where the two layers are asymmetrical again: the one has been hammered with a chasing hammer and treated with a wash of verdigris patina, the other has been DecoEmbossed with Mod Tree die and Sizzix BIGkick machine (that was the first time I used it and I adore this simple, quick yet sensational effect). Flowers and the tree embossing evoke other "natural" aspects.
The big and small flowers are joined together with the same metal wire, wrapping round dyed howlite beads.

I was so thrilled when my earrings where included in the gallery of top 10 finalists for the contest!!!